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Sports Psychology

We now provide Sports Psychology services at two of our sites. Sports Psychologists assist athletes with goal setting and planning, anxiety reduction and techniques to improve sports performance.

In the last 25 years, Australia has become one of the leading nations in the use of sport psychology. Sport psychologists are psychologists who have received specialist training in the field of sport psychology.

Sport psychologists help performers and athletes of all ages and abilities to enhance their sporting performance and general well-being. Sports psychologists do this by teaching mental skills and strategies and through using a sport focused counselling perspective. Many professional sporting clubs, for example in the AFL, employ a sport psychologist to help players and the team.

Sport psychology is not restricted to elite and professional athletes however, and the majority of those people using a “sport psych” are recreational athletes. Children and young adults are also a significant user of sport psychology services.

Although a referral is not necessary to see a sport psychologist, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if your GP has referred you for particular issues. LifeCare Sports Physicians and Sports Physiotherapists may also suggest that you work closely with a sport psychologist to ensure the best possible treatment and care.