Headache management

What is a headache?

Headache is pain or a feeling of discomfort in the head, scalp or neck region. The occurrence of headaches can be gradual or sudden, lasting from a few hours to several days.

What are the different types of headache?

How can headache management help?

Non-medical headache treatment can be used in isolation, or as part of a combined therapy program. Our physios perform an initial evaluation that includes an assessment of your posture, range of motion, muscle tightness and presence of myofascial trigger points. The goal is to determine the underlying structural cause of your headaches and then focus treatment in this area.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment involves manual physical therapy along with education on posture while standing, proper positioning while working at a desk, therapeutic exercises and stretching. Physiotherapy can help diminish the frequency, intensity and duration of headaches for chronic headache sufferers and has been proven effective in the treatment of migraines.

Migraines in pregnancy

The change in the level of hormones in women is the most common trigger for those prone to migraines. The sex hormone level goes through profound changes during pregnancy, which has an effect on migraines. Fluctuation in the levels of hormones has shown varied effects on migraines, from betterment, to no change, to worse. Pharmacological treatment is not advised during pregnancy and breast feeding as it might have an adverse effect on the mother as well as on the baby. As such, non-pharmacological treatment such as relaxation, acupuncture and massage are widely preferred for their beneficial effects during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Is a referral required?

A referral is not required for a consultation on headache management.

Can I claim this service as an extra on my health insurance policy?

A session may be claimed on private health insurance depending on your level of cover, please check with your private health insurance provider.

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