Understanding meniscus injuries: diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments

Are you experiencing discomfort or pain on the inner or outer part of your knee that worsens with squats and weight-bearing activities? You may have a meniscal injury.

At Lifecare Backfocus Melbourne CBD clinic, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive rehab plan to help you overcome this condition.

What is a meniscus tear?

The medial and lateral menisci are important in providing shock absorption, force transmission, and stability to the knee joint.

Meniscal injury can cause a change in the biomechanics of the knee joint and pain. There are two causes of meniscal injury:

Who is at risk?

Meniscus injuries are frequently seen in athletes and account for 15% of all cases of sports injuries and are more common in men than in women.

Degenerative meniscal lesions are prevalent in the elderly population, with the mean age rising to 40 years old.

The most common mechanism of injury is twisting or pivoting on a semi-flexed limb while weight-bearing.

Sudden or unexpected stops and turns, deep squatting, or lifting something heavy can also result in a torn meniscus.

Diagnosing meniscus injuries

A qualified physiotherapist will diagnose meniscal injury with a thorough assessment, including your symptoms, the location of pain, and your knee range of motion.

MRI imaging may be required to confirm the diagnosis or rule out other possible causes of your symptoms.

Some common symptoms include:

Physiotherapy treatment

Meniscus injury can be managed via a conservative approach effectively, depending on the severity of the tear.

We offer a range of physiotherapy interventions tailored to your needs:


Meniscus tears can have traumatic impacts on your daily life and activities.

Fortunately, at the Lifecare Backfocus Melbourne CBD clinic, our experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to providing a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to help you overcome knee pain.

Most individuals from various backgrounds have shown significant improvement in their symptoms and are able to return to work or sports pain-free.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment – your first step towards recovery!

Rain Li
APA Physiotherapist

Rain Li is an APA Physiotherapist at Lifecare Backfocus Melbourne CBD. Rain’s extensive experience in semi-professional and professional sports physiotherapy enable him to educate the patient regarding the diagnosis, and provide personalised rehab plans to optimal health and performance.