Experience pain relief and improved mobility with Hydrotherapy

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Hydrotherapy. A unique form of Physiotherapy that takes advantage of the benefits of buoyancy and movement in heated water.

The latest in Hydrotherapy for fast recovery

Hydrotherapy provides pain relief and support to help you move. This unique form of Physiotherapy combines the relief of hot water and specific water exercises in a heated pool. Improve blood flow, increase your movement and regain muscle strength with tailored Hydrotherapy treatments.

Dealing with pain? Here's an innovative Physiotherapy treatment you probably haven't considered

Our Hydrotherapy sessions are led by experienced Physiotherapists who provide tailored treatment plans designed for your specific needs. The therapists set exercise and mobility programs based on your rehabilitation program and supervise you through various Hydrotherapy exercises. Hydrotherapy allows patients to get the mobility they need in a less stressful way. Try Hydrotherapy today on your own or join us for one of our group sessions.

Why Hydrotherapy? How does it differ from normal Physiotherapy treatment?

Sitting in a pool of warm water might not sound like therapy. But we promise that Hydrotherapy can do wonders for your body. The buoyancy and warmth of the water create a low-impact environment for pain-free movement. A lot more than land-based exercises. So you can enjoy better movement and easier recovery without placing as much pressure on your joints. This makes it an ideal option for those struggling with long-standing conditions or mobility issues.

Conditions that can be treated with hydrotherapy

Choosing Lifecare for Hydrotherapy

At Lifecare, we understand the importance of movement. Our aquatic physiotherapists customise your Hydrotherapy program to meet your unique needs. We help all sorts of conditions, whether you're recovering from pain, undergone a joint replacement, or a professional athlete looking to enhance performance. With the highest level of care, our Physiotherapists strive to deliver the best results and improve your quality of life. With Lifecare, you're guaranteed:

Our client care process

  1. Detailed assessment at your initial appointment
  2. Comprehensive treatment plan
  3. Ongoing monitoring and reviews
  4. Return to your normal life
  5. Live life the way you want!

Frequently asked questions

What is Hydrotherapy?

This is a form of Physiotherapy that involves exercises performed in a specifically designed heated hydrotherapy pool. The buoyancy of the water reduces the weight on joints and muscles. This allows for an increased range of motion and decreased pain during physical activity. The warmth of the water also helps to promote muscle relaxation, blood circulation and pain relief. Overall, Hydrotherapy helps with improving mobility, reducing pain throughout the body, and enhancing overall physical function.

Who should do Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy can help people of all ages and physical abilities, especially those with pain or mobility issues. It's also commonly used in a rehabilitation program after injuries and surgeries and in pregnancy and recovery afterwards. If you're not sure whether this form of aquatic physiotherapy is for you, speak to one of our Physiotherapists about your needs.

How often should you do Hydrotherapy?

The frequency of hydrotherapy sessions depends on individual needs and goals. At your initial consultation, one of our Physiotherapists will do a detailed assessment of your condition to determine the best care plan for you. That includes the ideal aquatic exercises and frequency of Hydrotherapy sessions. Your treatment program is not a set-and-forget either. Our Physiotherapists will work very closely with you to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed. So you always get the care you need for the best outcomes.

Is a referral required?

No GP referral is required to see a Physiotherapist for Hydrotherapy services. However, if you are referred through a Chronic Disease Management Program (previously known as Enhanced Primary Care) a GP referral and care plan referral will need to be brought to your initial appointment.

Can I claim this service as an extra on my health insurance policy

Hydrotherapy sessions may be claimed on private health insurance depending on your level of cover. We recommend that you check directly with your private health insurance provider.

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