It's your nerves

It’s your nerves! Now, I don’t mean you’re the nervous sort and need to take tranquillisers to get through your day, rather I want to address how your nerves play a part in the muscle, joint or tissue pain you may be experiencing.

You may be thinking that I’m talking about how your nerves carry pain information to your brain and spinal cord for processing and yes that’s part of it but I’m specifically talking about how your nerve can also suffer damage, irritations, trauma that cause it to be the source of pain and problems.

Where the nerve exits the spinal column it’s called the nerve root and from that point on it interacts with other body tissues, bone, muscle, blood vessels etc. and all these tissues can exert mechanical influences on the nerve causing damage in certain situations.

Your body and brain will be very, very protective of nerve tissue and even minor interference will cause protective reactions that can sometimes be very subtle. Slight pressures, irritations and stresses can cause muscles to tighten, phantom, transient pains down a limb or where the nerve goes to. Joints become tighter, necks stiffen and backs won’t bend as well.

Not only subtle changes occur but the tissues, tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia that are supplied by the offending nerves seem to themselves become more susceptible to injury!

Do you have a stubborn shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, Achilles or other injury that just doesn’t seem to go respond to available treatment? Then you may have a neural (nerve) problem.

We Physios examine the neural system for these nerve sensitivities by doing ‘neural dynamic testing’ to ascertain what contribution they may be making to your problem.

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