Pilates or exercise rehab (why not both)?

Most physiotherapy clinics offer pilates, however not all have trained physiotherapy staff leading patients through their programs. Pilates has been around for well over a century and the basic principle is to train the body through a variety of movements which in turn improves strength, coordination and control.  It works the body in a manner different to more traditional training methods such as resistance training or Olympic lifting though one can definitely benefit the other.

Post injury coordinated movement can be impaired with even the most basic of injuries such as a simple ankle sprain or hamstring strain. Timing of muscle activation requires training to return to pre-injury levels. This is why physiotherapists like to utilise Pilates based exercises to aid injury rehabilitation and prevention. If we can ensure a more coordinated movement that replicates the demands of an athlete or individual the chances of injury or re-injury can be modified.

In our younger populations during developmental phases, coordination and timing of motor movements is progressively changing. During this period as the body gets bigger and stronger adolescents are prone to specific musculoskeletal conditions. Using exercise we can help to aid the development of coordination and motor control to prevent injuries such as Sever’s (achilles tendon) or Oschgood Schlatters (patella tendon).

Next time you see your physiotherapist be sure to keep Pilates in mind for your rehabilitation or injury prevention. It can be much more than just a form of exercise.