Taping Tuesday: Week eight - Scapula setting

Keeping with the Wimbledon theme from last week, we continue to explore taping techniques that can help with upper limb issues. Practice Principal and Senior Physiotherapist Anthony McEvoy demonstrates how to do a scapula setting prophylactic tape which can be useful in the management of shoulder impingement or subacromial bursitis.

Both shoulder impingement and subacromial bursitis have their origins largely based in biomechanical issues of the scapulothoracic complex. By utilising tape to support the joint we are able to decrease patients pain and improve their function as they complete a specific rehabilitation program.

Having watched the video above it is important to recognise the following points regarding scapula setting tape:

This tape can be a very simple and effective means of correcting some of the static biomechanical issues that facilitate the appearance of shoulder injury, however it is important to remember that without specific diagnosis and rehabilitation conditions will continue to occur.

Thanks again for tuning in to Taping Tuesday, stay tuned next week for another enthralling instalment. Don’t forget out Physio’s are always available to assess and treat any of your musculoskeletal issues so give us a call on (08) 9384 3269 or book an appointment online.