Taping Tuesday: Week seven - Tennis elbow

On the eve of July the Physiotherapists are very keen for the plethora of sports that beckon with Le Tour about to start, the upcoming Ashes series and already upon us Wimbledon. To celebrate the Championships at the All-England Club, Kaidee Arnold has decided to take us through the taping for lateral epicondylalgia, aka ‘tennis elbow.’

Tennis elbow is a painful condition occurring on the outside of the elbow around the bony structures. The muscles that extend the wrist backwards attach onto the arm bones at this point (known as the lateral epicondyle or common extensor origin). With repetitive use or overloading with unfamiliar tasks; tendons, muscle-tendon junctions or muscle bellies can become inflamed at the common extensor origin.

By taping this area we can deload the tissue and allow people to continue doing their regular activity, whilst rehabilitating the injury with specific exercises as prescribed by one of our friendly Physiotherapists.

Having watched the above video it is important to recognise the following points about the tennis elbow tape:

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks edition of Taping Tuesday, remember if you are suffering from “tennis elbow” be sure to combine this taping method with a prescribed stretching and exercise program. Tune in for another riveting edition of Taping Tuesday next week and remember Lifecare Cottesloe is always here to assess, treat and tape any of your musculoskeletal concerns and we are open after hours and on Saturdays. Give us a call on (08) 9384 3269 or book an appointment online.