Unexpected outcomes of poor posture

There are a few unexpected outcomes of poor posture that can affect your career prospects, stress levels and happiness!

Here are 6 unexpected outcomes:

  1. Can make your digestive system sluggish – when you hunch your shoulders and slouch, your intestines become folded up also, slowing down your digestion
  2. Can affect your mood and happiness – a recent US study reported participants that walked in a slouched position down a hallway reported lower energy levels and higher feelings of depression compared to those that skipped down the hallway.
  3. Decrease your chance of a pay rise – slouching can affect peoples’ perception of you and how impressive you appear
  4. Make you appear heavier – when slouching internal organs don’t have anywhere to go other than down and outward, giving the impression you are heavier than you are
  5. Can cause spider veins – sitting with crossed legs for extended periods prevents fluid and gas flow in our veins, which increases pressure thus causing spider veins
  6. Worsen your stress level – a Harvard University study has revealed optimal posture related to a 20% increase in testosterone levels and a 25% decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol.