Want to keep injury free? Get in the gym!

From the weekend warrior to the elite athlete nothing creates more inconvenience than an untimely injury. Some injuries may be unavoidable like that sprained ankle on a rocky trail run – however many injuries can be kept at bay through a structured and consistent gym routine. The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently released a systematic review investigating strength training for prevention of acute and overuse sporting injuries.

These findings highlight how important it is to implement a strength training routine before commencing an exercise program. Further to that it is essential to maintain this even when exercising has started whether it is cycling, running or football. Strength training will maintain your ‘base’ and work the muscle groups in a different action to your normal exercise. Another aspect to consider is that getting into the gym or doing your strength workout at home can be a nice way to ‘mix up’ your exercise and give you a mental refresher. If you have any queries about mixing up your training to incorporate strength training have a chat with your physiotherapist!