We always forget the paddler...

We are just a couple of weeks away from one of the worlds most highly regarded and iconic open water swims, The Rottnest Channel Swim, and it’s come to my attention that we always forget the paddler.

Follow the blogs that will come up over the next couple of weeks over a number of websites, including ones we have done before and the focus is always on how amazing the swimmers are, and what an amazing performance they are putting in, but nobody remembers the paddler!

For the thousands of swimmers who are entered into this event, there are scores of brave men and women who choose to paddle alongside them without the glory of recognition or accolade and I for one am tired of it!

So in a show of solidarity to these courageous souls I would like to offer the following tips:

In all sincerity good luck to everyone competing this years event and make sure to support a couple of the wonderful charities that our clients are associated with: Team SABA and Swim For Proudie.

Stay tuned to our Instagram page for live updates from our Paddler and Author Anthony McEvoy.