What is pain?

Pain is a protection device created by the brain but can we push through the pain without causing tissue damage?



The biggest barrier to improvement for patients with back pain is their fear of re-injury. This is due to our body learning pain and creating a memory of the intense pain it experienced in the past. Therefore, subconsciously, we start to avoid certain movements in order to prevent a recurrence of back pain. If we can retrain our brains to get past this fear of re-injury, there will be less chance of a re-injury occurring.

More and more evidence is showing that movement and exercise is more beneficial for back pain than medical procedures such as cortisone injections and surgery. “Exercise reduces the rate of recurrence by 50%. That’s more effective than the majority of medical treatments.”

Have a read of this article to find out more about back pain and the benefits of movement and exercise.

Laura practices out of both our Cottesloe and Claremont clinics and has a keen interest in treating injuries that are fitness related and she strives to get you back doing the things you love sooner.