Handy household tips to help reduce low back pain

Managing your back pain doesn’t just involve traipsing to physios, doctors, masseuses and Pilates classes.

Creating an environment, which takes the load off your back, reduces muscle spasm and strengthens weak muscles, is definitely more important than any treatment you may attend.

Looks like I’m doing myself out of some work here!

Lower back pain is pretty common and for many people it’s a recurrent problem that needs managing, not just treatment – if that’s you, then read on!

Here are a few tips to make it easier at home:


In general, our spines like to move. Our western style of living encourages us be stationary for prolonged periods, e.g. bending over a computer, standing at the kitchen bench or slumping in front of the television.

This is not good for anyone, but particularly a grumpy spine, which is happier when it is stretched, moved and strengthened.

So move!

Lash out and buy a timer that attaches to your belt (cheap from sports stores) and alarm yourself to move every 30 mins.

Get up from the desk, do a few stretches, walk up the hall, get a drink or even better go outside for 5 mins.

Be strict with this, you will be amazed at how much better your back will feel at the end of the day, if you move regularly.

Pace yourself!

Doing anything repetitively is not good for our bodies.

Intersperse activities that are tough for your spine, with periods of rest or activities that your body is ok with.

For example, rather than vacuuming the whole house at once, do 1 room, leave the cleaner where it is and do something different that doesn’t involve being bent over, e.g. dusting the furniture, going for a walk, lying down for 5 mins. Then later on, vacuum another room.

Depending on how bad your pain is or how big your house is, it might take you 1-3 days to vacuum the house and guess what, your house gets clean, but your back doesn’t suffer for 2 days afterwards!

The automatic robot type vacuum cleaners are a fantastic help and do the vacuuming for you, they aren’t cheap though, but a great saving for your low back.

Pacing yourself involves planning your activities for the day, so spend a few minutes jotting down what you are going to do and when.

Having a plan will make you less likely to ‘overdo’, which leads to increased pain and the subsequent need to being stuck in bed or reaching for the pain killers.

Don’t wait for the pain before you change activity, often it is too late when you feel pain, as you have already irritated the tissue and probably set up an inflamed area. Prevention of pain is so much more efficient that trying to ease an aching back.

Listen to your body!

If you are not having a great day pain-wise, then it’s not the day to clean out the pantry or dig out a garden bed. It is the day for keeping moving and pacing your activities.

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