Running reduces 70% of symptoms in allergy sufferers

An interesting piece of research out of Chulalonghorn university found that Running reduces 70% of symptoms in Allergy sufferers. This included sneezing, runny nose, nasal itching and congestion.

The thinking is that cardio exercise calms down the inflammatory proteins in the nasal passage. This is interesting in that moderate cardio has been known to help with reducing risk and severity of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, stroke and heart attack etc, etc! All of which can be linked to ‘the inflammatory reaction’. Reducing inflammation either through a chemical (e.g., aspirin) or by enhancing the bodies own ability to do it has major ramifications for prevention and treatment of a range of conditions including your arthritis.

In short; get out there and start exercising, if you can, a brisk walk daily or every second day if weight bearing is a problem then go for a swim. Just get moving!

On the subject of Alzheimer’s a recent study in the Journal, ‘neurology’ demonstrated a 50% reduction in your risk of the condition if you were walking just 10kms a week! Get moving people!

If you want help controlling those inflammatory proteins, another study by the University of California has shown avocados can limit their formation and action! Get Avocados!

A lot of this information comes from Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines A great read and highly recommended.

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