Expert footwear advice

Footwear plays a vital role in foot health.

Through thorough assessment, we can provide you with expert footwear advice to direct you towards shoes that will meet your individual needs without looking drab!

There is an abundance of new footwear designs and technologies on the market – how do we figure out what shoe is the right one for us?

It all comes down to ensuring the right fit and that the shoes are purpose-built for our intended use.

There are some basic rules to ensure you are purchasing well-constructed footwear that will provide your feet with a stable base of support.

Often people go wrong in choosing shoes that are not built for the purpose of the intended use.

Shoes should be purpose bought and this is especially true to purchasing for specific sports.

A running shoe varies greatly from a court-based shoe for sports such as netball or tennis.

A court-based shoe will again differ from a turf-based shoe for playing sports such as hockey.

If there is one reason you must visit a podiatrist in your lifetime, it is for expert advice on selecting the right design of shoe to suit your needs.

It will save you time, money and reduce your risk of discomfort and injury.