Osteos can help with neck pain and headaches

There is a common misconception that bad posture is because your shoulders are rolled forward.

It can certainly look this way.

But your shoulder carriage is often secondary to what your rib cage is doing.

If you spend a lot of time at a desk or anything that has you leaning forward for that matter, it’s normal to develop a posture that replicates that position.

We call this a depressed sternum.

It’s not sad.

It’s just tilted down.

This posture places a lot of strain on your neck, and could be responsible for that nagging neck pain and your headaches.

It also effects the way your shoulder blade moves on your rib cage and could be the initial cause for that rotator cuff problem.

The common response to this posture is to pull your shoulders back.

Squeezing your shoulders back feels uncomfortable and is unsustainable. It also doesn’t address the foundations of the problem.

My shoulder carriage is much better when I pick up my sternum, just a little bit!

If you’re finding it hard to get into this posture it’s usually because your back is stiff and needs a helping hand.

Here are 3 ways I’ll help improve this in the treatment room

So put away that posture strap that you bought off Facebook, and start focussing on the root cause of your problem.