Clinical exercise: is it for me?

Clinical exercise sessions are designed to help you improve your body awareness and achieve pain-free movement.

It doesn’t matter what age or stage of life you’re at – these sessions are specific to each individual.

They can aid in the rehabilitation of a variety of injuries, including back and neck pain (including headaches), sports injury rehabilitation, women’s and men’s health issues, pre and post-natal exercise and pre and post-operative rehabilitation.

All sessions are run by qualified physiotherapists with post-graduate training in Pilates-inspired exercise, and use a combination of Pilates reformers, exercise and weights equipment to retrain motor control and restore optimal musculoskeletal function.

Our physiotherapists will first bring you in for an assessment so that we can tailor you program to your individual needs and goals.

This will include an abdominal ultrasound to help you coordinate you deeper core muscles and engage them correctly ahead of attending your classes.

Our aim is to promote healthy neuromuscular movement patterns and improve your motor control, so that we will be able to reduce your pain and stiffness, improve balance and coordination, whilst strengthening and encouraging flexibility.

You will feel benefits that translate into whatever sport or exercise you enjoy as well as improving your daily quality of life.

So the answer is; clinical exercise is for everyone!

It is specifically individualised to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.