Summer is coming!

And what better way to refresh yourself than getting in the pool. Whether you are swimming, walking or performing hydrotherapy exercises, being in the pool can provide a variety of different benefits.

Exercising in the pool:

– Allows for a low impact workout

– Builds endurance but also works on strengthening

– Helps you to maintain healthy lungs and heart

– Provides a full body workout by using many different muscles- this will improve your performance with other exercises such as running and cycling

– Relieves you of stress

– Cools you down when the temperatures outside get too hot!

If you have any questions of how to improve your swimming technique or what hydrotherapy exercises you can perform in the pool get in touch with us. Please contact us on 08 9335 7733 if you would like to book an appointment or find out more information.

November 16, 2016