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Authored by Laura Cruz.

The most beautiful running course ( is back at the end of August 2018!

If you are thinking of running a half or a full marathon, training is crucial. It is never a good idea to turn up to an event like that without having put your body through the necessary steps. Ideally, give yourself at least 16-20 weeks of training or longer if you have the time.

Here are some important tips to take on board when training for a big race. Bear in mind this is general advice only, and may slightly change depending on your ability and goals:

  • Run 3 – 5times per week and gradually increase your weekly mileage
  • Make sure you give yourself rest days
  • Beginners start at around 20-30km per week and gradually build up to 60-65km by the end of your training
  • You don’t necessarily need to complete the full race distance before the event itself
  • Do some hill runs, sprint training, tempo runs (maintaining a sustained consistent pace) and do a few runs at race pace (10-15km/hr depending on your goal). Running as quick as possible every time is not going to improve your performance and will increase your risk of injury
  • Do a couple of long runs closer to the end and mimic exactly what you will do on the day: get up at the same time as the race day, wear the same clothes and shoes, eat and drink what you think you will on the day.
  • Carry out strength training during your training, especially around your hips and glutes
  • Stretch and/or use a foam roller between your runs
  • Make sure you get appropriate footwear and ensure you wear them a few weeks before the run to ensure your feet are used to them

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