Trigger finger

What is trigger finger?

Trigger finger is a condition that usually affects the ring finger and thumb and it causes a locking sensation when moving the digit. It is also common to get pain and stiffness as well as a small nodule at the base of the affected finger/thumb.

What causes trigger finger?

Your hand has small tendons that connect the muscles in your forearm to the bones in your fingers. When you move your finger, these tendons slide within their sheaths (like a tunnel) and cause the bending and straighten motion to occur.

With trigger finger, this sheath becomes narrow which causes the tendon to catch and give the sensation of locking with movement. It is unknown why this occurs, but it can sometimes be related to excessive or forceful use of the fingers/thumb. In addition, there are certain patient groups that may be more likely to get trigger finger, including females and diabetics.

How can we treat trigger finger?

There are different ways to treat trigger finger and this will largely depend on the severity of symptoms and the stage of the condition. General advice includes:

At times it may also be recommended to get a steroid injection or even undergo surgery.

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