Hamstring rehabilitation video - part 1

Welcome to part one of our hamstring rehabilitation video.

In this video we look at the rehabilitation program from the Sherry and Best paper from 2004.

This was the first randomised controlled trial (RCT), one of the highest quality of trials for research) looking at hamstring rehabilitation

In this trial there were many athletes that had hamstring injuries. They were assigned to two groups:

The recurrence rate for injuries in the PATS group was just 8%, while the recurrence rate in the STST group was a whopping 70%!

Furthermore, the PATS group were able to return to sport more quickly (average of 22 vs 37 days)

Further research has shown the value of ‘quick turnover’ drills and whole body exercises for rehabilitation from muscle injuries.

Although there is no recipe for hamstring rehabilitation, we often use these or similar exercises as part of management

Part one of the PATS program is shown below. Once the athlete is improving, we progress the on to part two, which is shown in our next blog.