Taping Tuesday: Week Nine - The basketweave

Authored by Anthony McEvoy.

In week one of Taping Tuesday we demonstrated how to do a basic ankle strapping for those athletes returning to play. Today, in Week Nine we get the privilege of seeing a recently sprained ankle, that of former Fremantle and Claremont dual premiership player Andrew Foster. Fozzie has been receiving treatment from Practice Principal and Claremont Football Club Physiotherapist Anthony McEvoy and was kind enough to let us record the basketweave.

Remembering what you learnt in week one and after watching above video it is important to recognise the following points regarding a basket weave tape:

  • Leukofoam pads: Using either a doughnut or horseshoe formation around the lateral and medial maleolli, use the leukofoam to assist in dissipating the swelling away from the damaged tissue.
  • Foam Underwrap: Given these are normally used on sensitive and acute ankle injuries, the use of foam underwrap will prevent unnecessary aggravation when removing the tape and allow for further swelling of the tissue.
  • Rigid basketweave: The base for this tape is done by basketweaving a normal ankle stirrup with a sling that runs behind the heel and then repeating this step 3 times.
  • Finishing the ankle: Following the basketweave, complete the taping job by following the steps done in a basic ankle, but place stirrups from both sides and a complete heel lock.
  • Locking off: In order to manage the swelling of the acute ankle sprain it is important to ensure that all gaps in the tape are covered and the open edges of the tape are locked off.

This tape is a fantastic tool in any sports trainers arsenal to quickly resolve the swelling of an acutely sprained ankle whilst also providing the joint with stability. Be careful not to make it too tight as the joint will still need room to swell in the initial stages.

July 15, 2015

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