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Oh yes, there are different types of stretching! Here they are below:

  • – Static Stretching: The most common interpretation. Put the muscle under stretch (for example, placing one leg straight on the chair while standing on the other leg and bending forward to feel a pull on the back of the leg on the chair) and hold it there for a period. Or until you get bored.
  • – Dynamic Stretching: Aka Warm-up! Dynamic, as the name implies, involves movement to lengthen a muscle. A classic dynamic stretch for your hamstrings is to stand with one leg and swing your other leg like kicking before going for a run.
  • – Ballistic Stretching: This is static stretching + bouncing up and down at the end of range.
  • – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching: A type of stretch that involves specific contraction/tensing of the stretched muscle and the opposing muscle group.




In general, static stretching would be done near the end of your exercise session, dynamic stretching is done at the beginning for warm-up and ballistic stretching should be avoided. PNF stretching is beneficial for range of motion but it is recommended to have trained personnel teach you.


We’ll be going into more details about when to use what to stretch in the part 2, so stay tuned!


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