Christine Elkin


Christine is an accomplished physiotherapist with a wealth of experience in various settings. She completed a Bachelor of Human Movement Science at Central Queensland University and furthered her education with a Masters of Physiotherapy at Canberra University.

Her expertise extends from working in multiple private clinics in Melbourne to contributing her skills to her hometown clinic in Bundaberg. More recently, Christine has dedicated herself to aiding aged populations in aged care and community settings.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Christine is deeply passionate about all things exercise and fitness. Her goal is to empower everyone to move well, ensuring they can maintain an active lifestyle for years to come.

She personally enjoys a diverse range of activities, from Crossfit to yoga, and she finds fulfilment in helping individuals overcome everyday aches, pains, and work-related injuries. Additionally, each winter, she embarks on an adventurous journey to Japan, where she works with acute snow sports injuries while enjoying her own passion for snowboarding.

Christine’s holistic approach to physiotherapy and her commitment to helping people reach their movement goals make her a valuable asset to our team at Lifecare Noosa. If you’re seeking a caring and knowledgeable physiotherapist, look no further. Schedule an appointment with Christine today and discover the benefits of her expertise and genuine dedication. Move towards a healthier and more active life under her guidance.


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