Groin pain in athletes and everyday people

Groin pain is a common complaint in athletes (professional and recreational), young children and the everyday population. It’s especially prominent in those who playing pivoting, kicking, jumping and sprinting sports such as football, AFL and basketball.

It’s more common in males, most likely due to anatomy, sports played and ability to produce more powerful muscle contractions. Often groin pain in women is hip related, runners with poor bone health or post-partum.

The groin muscle anatomy is highly complicated and the fundamental cause of pain is thought to be tissue overload. In this case the structures attaching to the groin and pelvis are chronically overloaded through poor biomechanics, high training loads and inadequate rest. In addition to these chronic issues, acute injuries do occur and usually involve a tear of a muscle or tendon within the groin region.

What structures are commonly injured?

Adductor related pain (groin muscles and tendons)

Pubic bone pain

Abdominal wall issues (hernia)

Hip flexor related pain

Referred pain from hip

Referred pain from lower back and pelvis

How can physiotherapy help?

At NSPC our therapist are experts in the diagnosis and management of groin related issues. Our goal is to get you back to sport as soon as possible while facilitating a strong rehabilitation program and preventing further injury. We do this through: