Preventing skiing injuries – can it be done?

For many people, the onset of chilly weather and frosty mornings means but one thing, ski season has arrived! If you’re heading down to the slopes this season it’s important that you properly prepare yourself for the physical impact of the sport.

Due to high intensity nature of skiing/snowboarding and the unpredictable conditions, preventing skiing injuries can be difficult. It can be nearly impossible to prevent someone else crashing into you or having a simple fall. Even low impact falls can cause potentially large injuries, sometimes it’s just bad luck.

So what are the most common ski injuries?

ACL tear/rupture

Shoulder dislocation

Skiers thumb

Fractures (wrist, clavicle)

So can you actually do anything to prevent snow sports injuries?

Well, the best way to prevent injury is preparation. Follow these steps for the best chance at preventing cutting your holiday short!


Double leg squats

Single leg squats

Wall sit (endurance)

Wall Sits: Helpful Tips and Benefits – NASM

Crab walking

Woman doing Side shuffles. Crab walk training and stretching. Resistance band exercise. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background 6417626 Vector Art at Vecteezy

Balance and proprioception

Jump and landing on a soft surface

Jumping side to side

Bosu squats/lunges

Ski/snowboard fitting and equipment

Wearing appropriate protective gear

Ski within your means and stay in control