Keiser (not Kieser!): State-of-the-art equipment to help get you strong

What are Keiser machines?

Unlike standard gym equipment which relies on weight stacks and pulleys, our Keiser machines at Lifecare Prahran Sports Medicine are unique, specialised machines which utilise pneumatic air pressure to provide resistance.

This technology is able to provide a constant, consistent resistance to activate and engage your muscles throughout the entire range of motion for the exercise being performed.

The equipment allows for a highly accurate measure of strength, power and performance and is also able to provide information on the force your muscles and joints can produce.

How do our physiotherapists use Keiser machines?

The physiotherapists at Lifecare Prahran Sports Medicine are trained to use these specialised pieces of equipment in numerous different ways, from use in a rehabilitation or gym program, to highly accurate muscle strength testing.

They can be used to provide specifically targeted strength training exercises to accelerate your recovery from injury or to improve your athletic performance, as well as in assessing your progress and assisting in the ongoing optimisation of your rehabilitation.

Is strength rehabilitation with Keiser machines right for me?

No matter what age you are or what your usual level of activity is, due to their specialised nature, Keiser machines are perfect for all strengthening and rehabilitation programs.

Whether rehabilitating following an ACL injury or Achilles tendon rupture, improving your function with osteoarthritis or recovering after joint replacement surgery, the equipment is adaptable to any and all of your needs.

Can I get a membership to use the equipment?

Yes you can! Your physiotherapist can help you construct a program to address your goals and aims, then you will be able to come in during our opening hours to exercise at a time that suits you.

This allows you to work through your rehabilitation or exercise program in a familiar environment with equipment calibrated just for you.

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