Melbourne Marathon in less than a week!

The Melbourne Marathon run is in less than a week.

Make sure you do everything you possibly can in the next 5days to allow for your best possible performance on Sunday 18th October.

1 – Freshen up. Make sure you don’t overdo ANYTHING this week. The body needs to go into the run as fresh as possible. You are not going to gain anything by doing any long runs this week. Keep the legs ticking over with some shorter runs.

2 – Start to eat carbs. Make sure you are eating lots of good food leading into the weekend. Stay away from alcohol, heavy/rich food and other foods that may cause your stomach to react. Make it easy for your stomach to digest food but aim for more of the carbohydrates (like pasta, bread, etc)

3 – Fluids. Hydration starts now! Be sure to be drinking plenty of water everyday leading into Sunday.

4 – Race plan. You should be thinking about (or already) your plan for raceday. That includes your in race hydration/gels, pacing, etc. Have a look at the map and where the drink stations, hills and other markers to plan your race.

5 – Sleep. Make sure that you get rest. This is part of the freshening up process. Your body needs to recharge and consolidate the training over the past weeks/months/years. Early nights and good sleep is a key

6 – Enjoy the week. Its an exciting time and a superb achievement to complete in such a great event whether its the 5km run or the marathon!



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