Physiotherapy and knee ligament injuries

Ligaments are structures found all over the body, and are essential for providing stability to joints by anchoring one bone to another.

The knee contains several ligaments, some large and some small, though they all contribute to knee stability in various ways.

Generally speaking, a trauma or particular moment of loading is required to injure a ligament.

This may occur with awkward landings or tackles on the sporting field, or less dramatically- with landing from a simple fall.

A person can injure a single ligament or a combination of ligaments which will affect treatment and recovery.

What are the main ligaments of the knee and how are they injured?

What should I do if I think I’ve injured a knee ligament?

You should consult your sports physician, physiotherapist or GP if you’ve had an incident which has led to any of the following knee symptoms:

They can thoroughly assess your knee, and refer for imaging if required.

Once they have accurately diagnosed your knee condition they can arrange the appropriate treatment, which may include:

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