Assoc. Prof. Jane Rooney

Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.




Jane Rooney is one of Australia’s most recognised physiotherapists and one of only 45 Australian Physiotherapists holding the highest clinical qualification, being admitted as a Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2009 as a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy in 2009).

With 30 years of experience in the Sports Medicine field, both in Europe and Australia, Jane is often chosen as the Physiotherapist for elite athletes at state, national and international levels in tennis, gymnastics, athletics including triathlon, golf, swimming, netball and cycling. Recently, Jane was appointed Physiotherapist for Naomi Osaka’s Australian Open Season in 2018 culminating in her US Open win, and prior to this was Serena Williams Physiotherapist for five Australian Open Seasons where her expertise helped to manage Serena’s shoulder and knee injuries allowing her to take home several titles.

Jane is passionate about giving back to the profession and is a facilitator and examiner at the highest Clinical level of Specialisation for the Australian College of Physiotherapists. Her academic involvement includes being an Associate Clinical Professor at Swinburne University and Course Advisory Board member, Honorary Lecturer at Melbourne University, a guest lecturer at La Trobe University and Post Graduate Advisory Committee member and a regular presenter for the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Jane has taught physiotherapy nationally and internationally with Lyn Watson for over 10 years and is an expert in treating combined shoulder /neck problems, teaching her program to many elite physiotherapists across Melbourne.

In addition to her above credentials, Jane is one of Australia’s most respected knee specialists and enjoys the academic challenge of complex knee conditions. She is an expert in the treatment and management of all types of knee injuries, including knee ligament reconstructions, patellofemoral pain and instability, and screening for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Recently Jane helped to launched the GLA:D program in Australia, an exercise and education program which is deemed to be the best first treatment for hip and knee Osteoarthritis, with results that show more positive outcomes than surgery.

Jane was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship in 2016 to investigate contemporary conservative programs for ACL Injury management and spent several months in 2018 with ACL experts around the world.

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