Matthew Appleton

Musculoskeletal & Sports Podiatrist


Matt is the Director of Podiatry at Lifecare Prahran Sports Medicine Centre and has specialised in musculoskeletal medicine, sports injuries and biomechanics for over 30 years

As a qualified Sports Podiatrist, Matt has been the team podiatrist at AFL Clubs  Melbourne, Western Bulldogs and the St Kilda AFL over an 18-year period. He has consulted to Melbourne Victory F.C and the Victorian Cricket team and was a Consultant Podiatrist at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Matt has held a specialist position at the Alfred and Austin Hospitals, consulting to the Orthopaedic Units and the TAC where he gained invaluable experience with complex foot and ankle injuries including ankle, calcaneal, talar, midfoot and Liz Francs sprains, fractures and joint arthritis.

Matt has significant experience in the prescription and manufacture of foot orthoses having previously owned his own commercial laboratory. Matt is very aware that the review and fine tuning of every orthotic is essential. More often than not the difference between an ordinary orthotic and an extraordinary orthotic is the review process. As a result, Matt makes any required modifications himself in his own personal laboratory after careful review of your progress with you. To assist this process review consultations and modifications are included in your orthotic fee for the first 3 months.

In the early 2000’s Matt started planning for Australia’s first true specialty running shoe store offering gait evaluation in store. In 2002 Active Feet opened in Prahran and grew to be four stores strong with Matt as the Chairman. A position he held until Dec 2015 when Active Feet was sold. Matt has extensive knowledge on running shoe design and function

Matt offers his expertise to people / athletes of all ages and experience with foot or leg pain, or those who have sustained complex foot trauma due to motor vehicle trauma, work place accidents or lives mishaps.

With an unwavering commitment to the betterment of his patients Matt consults Monday and Tuesday at Lifecare Prahran Sports Medicine.

Please bring your current footwear, any past investigations, and shorts or comfortable clothing so your legs are visible from your knees down.

Please note, Matt’s does not see patients requiring general treatment (toenails, corns etc)

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