Georgia Easton

Pilates Instructor

Georgia completed her Pilates instructing certificate at the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. She has a passion for making connections between the mind and body, understanding the relationship between mental and physical wellbeing. Georgia has completed a Certificate of Mental Health and Counselling and is currently completing a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Creative Leadership at Western Sydney University. Her goal is to combine her love of Pilates and exercise with her passion for improving mental well-being and occupational engagement.

Georgia began Pilates as a method of rehabilitation at 16 years old after recovering from a spinal surgery. She understands the difficulties of exercise and sport engagement whilst having an injury and believes that Pilates is beneficial for all body types and abilities. Georgia teaches in both the clinical and studio/gym Pilates settings. She loves to incorporate creative license with functional exercises to improve quality of life.

When she isn’t working or studying, Georgia enjoys going for walks with friends, going to the gym, bingeing Netflix and spending time with her dogs.


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