Paul Watson

Exercise Physiologist

In 2015 Paul studied in Lousiville, Kentucky. There, he trained at the Frazier Rehabilitation Centre under the NeuroRecovery Network in neurological recovery, which specialises in treatment and recovery from traumatic injury and/or neurological illnesses. Paul is fascinated by the human body’s ability to adapt, recover and improve itself and regularly utilises new, scientifically-researched exercise techniques and protocols on himself before implementing them for the benefit of his clients. Paul holds a special interest in neurological and musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation, and is specifically trained in using exercise in the acute and chronic treatment of cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic illnesses and injury.Paul graduated from the University of Sydney in 2013 as a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology. Whilst studying at University, Paul had begun part time work in spinal cord injury rehabilitation with one of Australia’s premier rehabilitation organisations. Upon graduation, Paul was recruited as a permanent therapist, and is currently the Senior Therapist at the clinic, specialising in neurological injury and illness treatment and rehabilitation.

Arising from his work in neurological injuries and recovery, where guidelines and evidence-based protocols are scarce, Paul has developed an ability to think outside the box and adapt grounded, scientific-backed protocols and research to the individual and their needs. Paul customises exercises and techniques for clients with particular issues and time constraints, whilst producing excellent therapeutic and health outcomes for his clients.

Paul holds a black belt in traditional kung fu, which focuses on the holistic development and discipline of mind and body. Paul believes in a holistic approach to health and any form of injury or illness recovery process, targeting both the mind and body in the recovery process for long term health improvement, adaptation and well-being.

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