Tendon injuries

Tendons are strong connective tissue in the body that attach muscle to bone.

They are made up of mainly collagen and help to generate power as well as provide stability.

Tendon injuries or pathologies can be complex and hard to manage, people often have an initial injury/pathology which if repetitively aggravated can cause a breakdown of the tendon structure.

There are usually three ways tendons become irritated:

Tendon injuries have many names depending on the part which is injured or irritated.

You may have heard your tendon pathology referred to as a tendinopathy or tenosynovitis.

Your physiotherapist will be able to determine what stage of pathology your injury is at as well as the best way to manage it moving forward.

Rehab protocols

Tendon pathologies have 3 distinct phases which will affect how they are managed.

All tendons need to be loaded but how this is done and the volume will vary between individuals.

1. Reactive

2. Dysrepair

3. Degenerative