Hydrotherapy for Hips and Knees

A recent review of Literature and research into the effects of Hydrotherapy in Hip and Knee pain found the following:

Hydrotherapy is Beneficial Prior to Surgery

·       In 2009 Gill et al found that land based and pool based exercise can improve both pain and physical function in patients with OA of the hip or knee.

·       Those participants who completed the pool based exercise had less pain immediately after the session and the next day, compared to the land based exercise group.

·       Providing home based exercises outlined by a physiotherapist was found to give further improvement.

·       This can provide significant benefits for patients who are trying to delay the need for a joint replacement, but also for those awaiting surgery.

Hydrotherapy is Beneficial Immediately after Joint Replacemet

·       In 2009 Rahmann et al identified the benefits of commencing hydrotherapy exercise immediately after hip and knee replacement surgery.

·       Hydrotherapy assisted joint range of movement, pain and reduced swelling.

·       It was proposed that this occurred due to changes in the autonomic and circulatory systems when in water.

·       It was found that specific hydrotherapy exercises guided by a physiotherapist provided better results than increased treatment on the ward or generalised hydrotherapy.

·       Improved mobility after 14 days was noted in the specific hydrotherapy group compared to the groups who had not received the hydrotherapy program.

·       No adverse effects were reported throughout the study and appropriate care was taken with all surgical wounds.

·       The conclusions from the research indicate that patients can gain a significant advantage to their recovery when commencing hydrotherapy after a joint replacement.

LifeCare Physiotherapists would be happy to discuss any of your patients hydrotherapy needs.

It is advised that anyone undertaking a Hydrotherapy program undergo a full assessment prior to commencing in the pool, and receive an individualised program provided by their Physiotherapist.

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Rahmann AE, Brauer SG, Nitz JC. A specific inpatient aquatic physiotherapy program improves strength after total hip or knee replacement surgery: a randomized controlled trial. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2009; 90: 745 -755