Cervical Headaches

What is it?

Cervical headaches are one of the types of headaches people experience and between 15-20% of all headaches are thought be cervical in origin.

Why a pain in the neck?

Nerves that supply much of the scalp, forehead and base of the skull also supply the joints and tissues of the upper neck Therefore: a problem in the upper neck = a headache

What do I look for?

  • Limitations in neck movement.
  • Tenderness and stiffness around the neck.
  • Headache in the base of the neck, base of the skull or frontal head region.

What causes it?

  • Muscle tension in the neck head and jaw region
  • Stress.
  • Poor posture especially when working at a desk.
  • Trauma such as a car accident.
  • Poor sleeping position.

When do I see someone for help?

Your LifeCare Practitioner will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate management plan.

For more information, see your local Lifecare Practitioner.
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