Matthew Appleton - Podiatrist

Matt is the Director of Podiatry at LifeCare Prahran and a business entrepreneur who has specialised in musculoskeletal medicine for over 20 years and established multiple, successful Australian businesses.

A qualified Sports Podiatrist, Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Podiatry and has offered his specialist advice to Melbourne, Western Bulldogs and the St Kilda Football clubs, Melbourne Victory F.C and the Victorian Cricket team. He has treated elite athletes from a vast array of sporting codes and was a Consultant Podiatrist at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Matt also offers his expertise to people of all ages with foot or leg pain, or those who have sustained complex foot trauma due to an accident.

Matt has held a specialist position at the Alfred Hospital, consulting to the Orthopaedic Units and the TAC, and in 1995 he was admitted as a Fellow of the AAPSM.

In the late 1990's, Matt successfully introduced the full automated CAD CAM orthotic manufacturing system in Australia at Peninsula Podiatric Laboratory where he is a Director and is responsible for introducing the first non-weight bearing foot laser scanner, replacing plaster casting in orthotic prescriptions for podiatrists.

During the late 1990's Matt started planning for Australia's first true speciality running shoe store offering gait evaluation in store as a standard and essential part of the fitting process. In 2002 Active Feet opened in Prahran, with Matt as the Chairman, a position he continues to hold today. Since then it has grown to be four stores strong, is known as Melbourne's premier sporting footwear store, and has helped in excess of 70,000 customers, with sales exceeding quarter million pairs of shoes.

With an unwavering commitment to the betterment of his clients and staff, Matt continues to manage his successful practise and businesses and has a passion for developing and running successful businesses.

Outside of the clinic, Matt also has interests in biomechanics, and the treatment of overuse injuries, as well as exercising, cycling, bush walking, and farming Angus cattle at his farm in Mansfield.