Simon Balster - Shoulder Physiotherapist

Simon is a Shoulder Physiotherapist and only sees Orthopaedic Shoulder Conditions and injuries.

Simon has Honours in a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, where he completed Honours research and thesis under supervision of Professor Gwen Jull. Thesis published in Manual Therapy (see Publications), and a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biochemistry. Simon is also a member of Shoulder & Elbow Physiotherapists of Australasia.

After working in Hydrotherapy and Sports Medicine practises in Brisbane for two years, Simon returned to Melbourne in 1997 to take up a position at LifeCare Prahran Sports Medicine working alongside Lyn Watson.

Today Simon specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of musculoskeletal shoulder and shoulder girdle problems. Working at LifeCare Prahran Sports Medicine, The Avenue Physiotherapy and at Melbourne Orthopaedic Group, he treats a wide variety of post-operative sporting and occupational orthopaedic conditions, and often attends surgery with Mr Shane Barwood and Mr Greg Hoy from Melbourne Orthopaedic Group.

In addition to his clinical practice, Simon works closely with Lyn Waston, Tania Pizzari at La Trobe University and Greg Hoy and Shane Barwood at Melbourne Orthopaedic Group on their many ongoing research programs (MDI, MISS Questionnaire, SLAP Tests &  Hydrodilatation). This research had led to the publication of research results in peer-reviewed journals, Manual Therapy & British Journal of Sports Medicine.

In 2005 Lyn and Simon began working on an educational resource to assist physiotherapists with the many assessments tests of the shoulder. This culminated in the General Assessment of the Shoulder, a CD-Rom that details every shoulder assessment tool used in a clinic. The second resource in this series is the Exercise and Rehabilitation of the Shoulder.

Simon is also involved in lecturing, teaching and tutoring on a variety of shoulder topics, and has conducted clinical research and has published papers in the Manual Therapy and British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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Simon is also in the treatment and management of a variety of elite and professional athletes, national and state level athletes, cricket, basketball, fencing, archery, netball, softball, gymnastics, baseball, sprint kayak and canoe polo clubs including: Collingwood, Melbourne, Geelong, North Melbourne & GWS AFL players; and Olympic Javelin Athletes (Australia & China)