Dr Nick Van Wetering - Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician

Dr. Nick van Wetering is a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician working at LifeCare Croydon. Dr. van Wetering has many years of experience in the management sporting and musculoskeletal disorders with a special interest in spinal injuries and in particular the management of pars defects in athletes

Nick also has an interest in using radial shockwave therapy for musculoskeletal disorders and in particular tendon pathology.

Dr. van Wetering also assists several of Melbourne's leading orthopaedic surgeons in theatre and has a strong referral network should orthopaedic opinion be required in your case. Nick is currently the SEM Physician to the Melbourne City FC in the A-league and the Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Team. In addition, he works in a part time capacity at North Melbourne Football Club in the AFL.