Clancy Carter - Physiotherapist


Clancy completed her Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science in 2010 before continuing on to complete her Master's of Physiotherapy in 2012. She has been with the LifeCare family since 2014, recently transferring to the Wembley practice in early 2015. Clancy has an interest in sporting injury prevention and management, especially in the field of Crossfit. A keen crossfitter herself, she has worked with athletes during state and national level competitions.

Clancy has recently completed the LifeCare Pilates instructor program, consisting of over 300 hours training and instructing, and is one of our instructors at the Wembley studio. She believes the gentle yet challenging nature of pilates to be beneficial to a large range of patients, especially those looking to improve their core stability and mobility. She is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.