Edwina Bassingthwaite - Chronic Pain Management Physiotherapist


Edwina originally hailed from Queensland where she completed her undergraduate physiotherapy degree. After working at hospitals and private practices along the East coast and Tassie, she taught physiotherapy students at Queensland University, which cemented her interest in the treatment of long term spinal pain. To improve her knowledge in this area, she completed a Postgraduate degree in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Curtin University. Then of course, Perth’s great lifestyle meant that she never quite got around to going back to Brisbane! A marriage and 2 children later, she is still here!

Over the next 20 years [it sounds such a long time!] Edwina worked in private practice and also at a Pain Clinic, with Pain Specialists, physios, psychologists & other professionals who believed in a team approach to treating long term musculoskeletal pain. Since moving to Cottesloe Physiotherapy 7 years ago, she has continued to have strong links with the “Pain Clinic” team which has been invaluable in helping more people become pain free.

Edwina together with Tracy Wallwork make up the rehabilitation branch of the practice and have a keen interest in treatment of all painful conditions, but particularly those patients that have long term spinal pain and headaches [and isn’t that a lot of us!!] Edwina has great understanding and empathy for people with back pain as she herself has had a back pain problem requiring surgery and lots of rehabilitation- like getting some of her own medicine! Of course this makes her even more committed to a treatment approach where the patient is in control, emphasising patient home management, making the exercises fit the individual and aiming to to ensure that the pain doesn’t recur.

No two patients have the same pain problem, so be prepared when you see Edwina to have a lot of time spent on you to make sure the assessment is thorough and that the treatment is tailor made to fit your needs.