Leigh Ray - Physiotherapist


Leigh Ray is a Expert Physiotherapist in TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction/Jaw pain (TMJ), Headaches, Migraines and neck pain & upper limb nerve entrapment (pins and needles in the arms and hands). She only treats these conditions. Her clients travel from all over Western Australia (Perth, Esperance, Margaret River, Bunbury, etc), Sydney and Singapore.

She lectures to over 20 Physiotherapy clinics, and over 20 Dental clinics. Most of her referrals are from word of mouth. She has other referrals from many; GP's, dentists, Oral Facial surgeons, & Oral Maxillofacial surgeons. Read more at www.jawphysio.com.au, headaches and migraines. 

Leigh completed her degree in Physiotherapy in 2001 at Curtin University, and has worked predominately in private practice in both Australia and the United Kingdom (Harley Street).

Leigh is well known for her interest and experience treating headaches, migraines and jaw pain. Leigh has completed many headache courses and was experienced enough to consult to well-known dentists on Harley Street when she was working in London. Leigh's background in Martial arts allowed her to experience jaw pain first hand, which motivated her to find techniques that worked.

Over the years Leigh has treated many upper limb nerve compression syndromes; such as pain, pins and needles that travel down the arms from the neck. She has also lectured on this topic to colleagues and Orthopaedic Surgeons. 

Some of Leigh’s career highlights include:

1999 - Selected for WA’s Women’s Rugby Union Team
2000 - Worked in the Olympic Village Physio Department
2006 – Worked in the Scorpio Clinic (Wentworth Estate, England), looking after the top 10 golfers of the world
2007 – Worked in Health & Fitness Solutions, alongside one of the top Podiatrists in London, providing excellent foot/leg biomechanical analysis and orthotic moulding.
2008 – Worked in Harley Street, London – the most famous Medical Street in the world - looking after elite marathon runners, triathletes, and even an Ultimate Fighter!! Leigh also consulted to some of the Harley Street Dentists. Leigh treated many students from R.A.M's (royal academy of music),  including conductors and operatic singers.
2007 - present - Jaw Physio Principle/Owner - www.jawphysio.com.au
2009-2012 - Partner at Mt Pleasant Physiotherapy
2011-2012 - Partner at Centro Physio
2012-2013 - Physio for WA Jnr Touch Football Team – Western Tigers
2010-2015 - Physio for Fire Fighters Rugby Team
2013 - 2016 Co-owner with LifeCare Mt Pleasant Physiotherapy
2015 - present - Animal Physio Principle/Owner - www.animalphysioperth.weebly.com