Telehealth and your pelvic floor

Sneaky little leaks when you laugh, cough or with exercise? Telehealth can help!

If you’re thinking… ‘I should do something about this’, ‘I really need to see the Physio in person’, ‘I don’t think I should leave the house’.

We have good evidence that a bladder that leaks with laughing, coughing or exercise, AKA stress incontinence, can be cured with pelvic floor exercises, when taught by an experienced women’s, men’s or pelvic health physio, through telehealth!1,2

Michelle Hall, our continence and women’s health physiotherapist, is available for in-person and telehealth consults (phone or video-link) for all pelvic floor problems, not just stress incontinence.

With a comprehensive online assessment, a continence and women’s health physiotherapist can give you the best advice to get started on your rehabilitation now.

You may well benefit from an in-person consult, however you will learn enough about your pelvic floor to get started on a program best suited to you.

Don’t put up with embarrassing situations anymore. Help is available now.

Bonus good news: some private health insurers are now providing rebates for telehealth.

Contact yours today to find out if rebates apply.


  1. Conlan L, Thompson J. et al (2016) An exploration of the Efficacy of Telehealth in the Assessment and Management of Stress Urinary Incontinence among Women in Rural Locations.
  2. Lindh et al. (2016) Non-face-to-face treatment of stress urinary incontinence: predictors of success after 1 year.