Strength Rehabilitation Gym and Membership

What is strength rehabilitation? Strength rehabilitation is an effective way to recovery from most injuries. Our strength rehabilitation studio is set up with Keiser machines to give you a safer, easier and more efficient way to recover from injury. With our machines you will be able to increase power output, improve stability and gain overall muscle performance to support your recovery journey. What are Keiser machines? Keiser machines are equipped with pneumatic technology. This technology helps your muscles to remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion and velocities (Constant Resistance) with reduced shock loading to your muscles, connective tissues and joints. This increases the safety of your rehabilitation regimens and helps to improve your physical performance in ways not seen with traditional strength-training methods. Do you do rehabilitation memberships? Yes. Our patients are able to purchase a membership for our unique rehabilitation facility. There will be a physiotherapist on site however your treating physiotherapist will prescribe your specific rehabilitation program. Please see the monthly flyer for our specified opening hours. This is perfect for people who are not members of a gym and for those who don't like the typical gym environment but have a physical condition, injury or operation which requires a rehabilitation program. What are the membership costs? 3 months - perfect for a ligament sprain or arthroscopy recovery $420 (saving $70) $35/week ($490) 6 months - perfect for a knee or hip replacement, Achilles tendon rupture $720 (saving $120) $30/week ($840) 12 months - perfect for a ACL reconstruction or patella ligament reconstruction $1060 (saving $240) $25/week ($1300) Do you do physio supervised rehabilitation classes? You can add on a strength / rehabilitation class to your membership, the price package is listed below. These classes hold a maximum of four participants and run for one hour. 3 months - $85 / week 6 months - $75 / week 12 months - $70 / week

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