3 mobility exercises that will help Improve your golf swing

Authored by Devin Hare .

When developing your golf swing, good mobility is essential, it can prevent injury and improve your golfing performance. A key area that many golfers should focus their attention on is their torso rotation, which is the movement of the upper body on the backswing that winds the body up and prepares it for a smooth release down towards the ball.

A great way to visualise your torso rotation is to imagine yourself pulling back on a bow before releasing and transferring all that stored energy to the arrow.

Here is an example of poor torso rotation.

You can see that the lower body moves to physically get the upper body into position. This can cause issues such as lower back pain.

Good torso rotation means the player is able to turn their upper body fully whilst remaining solid in their lower body. It’s a practised skill that requires you to have good upper back mobility and good separation of movement in the lower body.


Here is an example of good torso rotation and upper to lower body separation

Notice how his belt buckle stays still as the upper body moves through its full range of movement.

Because of this range of movement, the golf swing places a huge demand on your body.  It is very rare that our bodies move through 250° per second of rotational force in day to day life. Most of what we do, whether it is office work or a labour-intensive job, only really explores a very small amount of rotational movement, which requires very little speed and control.



If you are finding difficulty in swinging the club back or struggling to get into the correct positions on your backswing it may be because your upper back is stiff or there is poor control between your torso and lower body.

Here are 3 exercises to improve your torso rotation and golfing performance.


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