Physiotherapist bike fitting at Lifecare Malvern Sports Medicine

As the great Eddy Merckx once said “Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.”

But sometimes pain and discomfort on the bike can make completing your desired riding difficult, whether you are an elite cyclist to recreational enthusiast taking the time to have your bike set up analysed and adjusted can often make all the difference.

Our bike fitter Ben de Riter, utilises skills from his extensive background in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science to assess individual biomechanics and pathology, develop a detailed plan and make any required adjustments to help you, the rider, ride with more comfort and less pain.

Ben is also a keen road cyclist himself and often spotted in the Dandenong Ranges or along the Kew Boulevard. Having spent countless years working in various bike stores in the Southeast suburbs Ben knows his way around a wide variety of bikes, from commuters to high end road, time trial and mountain bikes.

So, what happens during a bike fit consult at Lifecare Malvern?

Be prepared to get a little sweaty! To begin, Ben, our experienced physiotherapist will take a detailed history including both short- and long-term goals also covering injury history. Following this a thorough physical examination prior to placing your bike on our smart trainer for Biomechanical assessment and required adjustment.

We aim to make bike fitting as cost effective as possible, but on occasion equipment, such as saddle choice, footwear choice or handlebar characteristic changes may be recommended.

What to bring:

Aches and pains able to be managed by effective bike fitting include:


A 90-minute assessment and fitting session is $280. Private health rebates may apply.