Proximal hamstring tendinopathy

Proximal hamstring tendinopathy | Physiotherapy Manly

Proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT) is a common injury which is characterised by pain in lower buttock region.

The pain is often an ache sensation.

This injury is a bit more common in women than men and often occurs in runners.

The hamstrings are a powerful muscle group with three muscles running from the ischial tuberosity, across the back of the hip joint, the back of the knee to the top of the shin.

Hamstring tendinopathy generally occurs when the tendon is overloaded by an increase in stress on the tendon at the top of the hamstrings.

This can be caused by introducing hill work or speed work with a running.

Once the pain is present it is often provoked by prolonged sitting, particularly on hard surfaces, climbing stairs, walking up hill or bending down to the floor.

There are various treatments which can be effective in treating proximal hamstring tendinopathy.

An essential part of the treatment is a load management program.

This involves controlling the stress on the tendon tissue to optimise the health and strength of the tendon.

Practitioners at Lifecare Malvern are currently involved in a clinical trial which is being run by Aidan Rich as part of his PhD looking at treating this injury using either shockwave therapy or physiotherapy guided rehabilitation.

If you or someone you know is suffering from upper hamstring/lower buttock pain and are interested in pursuing treatment or being part of this clinical trial please get in touch with us.