Top 10 tips for sitting posture

Maintaining good posture throughout life is important to reduce the risk of injury and to make sure you function at your best.

When your body moves well you feel good.

There are many different postural problems and different ways to correct them.

The most common problems are as a result of time spent sitting and as a result of lack of movement.

If you have pain as a result of your posture or you are concerned with your posture then you should seek help from an expert in this area such as a physiotherapist.

The top 10 tips for sitting posture

  1. Stand up and move around
  2. Use a lumbar support
  3. Sit tall
  4. Lift your shoulders up and back slightly
  5. Have your feet on the ground spaced at hip width
  6. Knees and hips at about a 90-degree angle
  7. Have your screen at eye height
  8. Have your mouse and keyboard close to you so you aren’t having to reach
  9. Stretch at regular intervals (ask your physio which stretches are best for you)
  10. Don’t sit if you don’t have to (try standing up every time you answer the telephone)