Madeleine Murray



MSc Theory of Podiatric Surgery BSc (Hons) Podiatry


Madeleine is an experienced podiatrist having worked in both Australia and the United Kingdom. She completed her bachelor’s degree with honours at Queen Margaret University in the UK and has a master’s degree in the Theory of Podiatric Surgery. Madeleine’s thesis investigated the effect of minimally invasive surgery in the management of common forefoot pain.

Madeleine has an elite athletics background and has represented Great Britain and Scotland over both cross country and track and field. Her interest in sports podiatry stems from her own experiences with various lower limb injuries which fuels her passion for devising lower limb injury prevention and management plans to assist people of all abilities, sport and age return to full fitness.

Madeleine has a particular interest in the management of sport related foot and ankle injuries and is passionate about the roles of load management, foot biomechanics and strength and conditioning. Madeleine has over 5 years of experience working within a leading technical athletic shoe store in the UK.

Beyond sports podiatry, Madeleine treats a number of podiatry conditions ranging from routine skin and nail care, diabetic assessments, orthotic therapy and paediatrics.

Madeleine enjoys getting to know her patients and providing a holistic, patient centred approach to care ensuring they understand the cause of their condition.

Outside of Lifecare Madeleine works as a clinical supervisor at La Trobe University and still competes in track and field.



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