About Caroline Springs Physiotherapy

Our highly trained team at Caroline Springs Physiotherapy has been servicing the local area for several years and we have thousands of satisfied patients who have enjoyed our services.
We continue to focus on two very important elements that deliver a unique experience for our patients. The first is training; our staff are continually attending the latest professional development courses so that you receive the best possible care. Secondly, we apply the latest technology to address your pain faster! We use technology such as Posture Pro Digital Spinal Analysis and Gait Scan for orthotics analysis to get to the cause of your symptoms and get you back to your best.

At Caroline Springs Physiotherapy we have worked with the Transport Accident Commission for many years and we can take the hassle out of what can be a difficult process. We also have extensive experience in traumatic injuries such as whiplash, neck injuries that cause headaches and all spinal injuries that result from transport accidents. We are committed getting you back to where you need to be fast and will work with you all the way.